Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed 2nd attempt
Matt is an awesome guy and anyone who learns with him is going to have all the knowledge and skills they need for driving. I'm very glad I chose to learn with him as I always looked forward to my lessons and learned a lot. Flexibility of lesson times is brilliant and I was able to always fit them around work etc. If you're looking for fun, comfort, and skills, learn to drive with Matt!

Passed 2nd attempt
Matt is a brilliant instructor. We were up against a baby shaped deadline from the first lesson yet somehow he managed to put my nerves to rest and help me focus on learning to drive, rather than being terrified! I felt very relaxed, like I was hanging out with a mate yet learning to handle a car at the same time. Many, many thanks for getting me there before baby arrived, it'll be odd driving when I'm back to normal size!!

Passed 1st Time
Thank You Matt

Passed 2nd attempt
Thank u to Matt

Passed 2nd attempt
The LDC system is great and Matt is strict but funny. Better than other instructors we tried. A good choice to make you independent at driving.

Passed 2nd attempt
I'm so happy thanks Matt

Passed 1st Time
I don't know how I managed it but 1st time, must be down to my instructor. thanks Matt.

Passed 1st Time
Matt thanks for your help you've made my boss happy and my work at lot easier. Have passed your name around so expect to be busy.

Passed 1st Time
Thank you Matt with your great help I passed first time :)

Passed 1st Time
Thank you for your help in helping me get my licence, very much appreciated. Matt

Passed 1st Time
Matthew Willis is an amazing driving instructor who I would recommend to anyone. You will learn really quickly and at the same time have a good laugh with him! With my driving lessons I also managed to pass first time! Thanks Matt!

Passed 2nd attempt
Hi Matt, Thank you for all you help and patience in me passing my driving test second time round. I really enjoyed working with you and learning from you and can now say that I have the ability to drive. From the very beginning all of the help provided was professional and explained very well and because of this I am now confident behind the steering wheel. After signing up to a semi intensive course having no experience behind the wheel of a car before. With the patience of Matt and his expert coaching I soon began to feel confident when driving. Learning how to control the car firstly and then developing onto more enhanced skills through structured lesson planning enabled me to progress and pass my test in such a short period of time. I would highly recommend learning to drive with Matt Willis as his approach to teaching is second to none. Thanks Matt. Thank you again for all your hard work!! James

Passed 2nd attempt
Thank so much for teaching me how to drive and getting me through my test, especially as I was such a nightmare! I couldn't think of a more tolerant, patient understanding teacher. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Passed 1st Time
A big thanks to Matt for helping me to pass first time!! Was really unconfident and nervous when I started learning, but Matt has really helped me to become a lot more confident when driving. Thanks for being such a great instructor!! :D

Passed 1st Time
Matt got me through my test first time round in only 2 months! Great guy, great instructor and a great motivator! Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive, young and old, friends and family alike.

Daniel AndersonDaniel Anderson
Passed 2nd Time
I passed second time with Matt. I was a nervous driver and he was very patient with me as I built up my confidence. A fun and laid back way to learn, I'd thoroughly recommend!

Passed 2nd Time
I passed 2nd time with a massive thanks to matt!! A very friendly and fun way to learn to drive. I was the most nervous driver but matt made me feel very confident and capable. Thanks Matt couldn't of done it with anyone better!!

Passed 1st Time
Thank you for helping me to pass my test, I'm not sure which of us is more happy me or my dad as now he doesn't need to keep picking me up. I would recommend Matt Willis to anyone looking to learn to drive. Thanks Matt.

Passed 1st Time
Thanks for teaching me to drive Matt, other people were learning to drive and I hear them saying they dread their lessons, I however really enjoyed my lessons and looked forward to them. Although we have a laugh you are serious and professional I think you got the right balance and that's what makes you a great teacher. Cheers.

Daniel CowanDaniel Cowan
1st Time Pass
span style="line-height: 1.6em;">Thank you for getting me my driving licence, the intensive 1 week course was made easy with your knowledge and help. I enjoyed learning with you and the time passed smoothly, your sense of humour and way of explaining the lessons was what helped me to pass …Good work Matt and hope you get lots more passes.

Passed 1st Time
Thanks for teaching me... I had a laugh on all my driving lessons which was good, thanks for having every faith in me means a lot :) you're the best!! I'm glad I passed with you :) so thank you you're the best xx

Passed 2nd Time
Thanks Matt for being patient and putting up with my moaning, you're teaching methods were so easy to use and I wouldn't have stuck out the lessons with any other instructor!

James GatsbyJames Gatsby
Passed First Time
I just like to say a big thank you for your help and support Matt, and I hope that your other pupils have the same success as I did and pass first time. All the best James.

James KJames K
Passed First Time with 3 minors
James was having 2 to 4 hours a week a total of 30 hours, but also the use of another car.

I learnt a lot from Matt and had a few laughs at the same time, I'm not saying that it was easy because it wasn't, but Matt helped me and I passed first time. Thanks

Kate RennieKate Rennie
Kate Passed on here second time with 1 minor
After 7 years of trying to overcome my fear of driving, lack of confidence and self belief, I am delighted to say that I finally passed my test with the patience and support of Matt Willis!!! Not to mention the numerous circuits of Taunton, countless stalls, false indications, indecisive approaches to junctions and roundabouts and reverse parks fit for a sea tanker - all met with laid-back humour and encouragement (and dry west country wit!) So if I can do it after all this time, then so can you! So as Robert the Bruce is rumoured to have said " If at first you don't succeed then try, try again!

Thanks for all your support and endurance.

Just passed my test with Matt and I really enjoyed the lessons I spent with him, very fun instructor.

Thank you soo much for all you have taught me! And for getting the most nervous driver in the world to pass her test…with one minor! You had faith where I don't think others would have. Thank you Matthew!

Passed First Time with 6 minors
Cheers Matt thanks for all your help and encouragement, I'm glad I passed first time although I didn't think I would but you had faith in me. All the best for the future Georgie.

Big thanks to Matt Willis for helping me pass my driving test first time with zero minors. Excellent teacher higher recommended.

Passed with 8 minors
Yeah thanks Matt, I finally passed I was beginning to think it would never happen. Thank you for all your hard work and effort and wish you all the very best for the future.

Passed Second Time with 5 minors
Matt Thank You Very Much, I'm not sure how you put up with me but I'm glad you did. I'll expect I'd still be using 'L' plates if not for your help I've got a lot of fond memories of learning with you and I'm glad you pushed me to achieve more and had faith in me. Hope you get lots more pupils I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone wanting lessons.

Passed Second Time
Cheers Matt for your hard work especially on my manoeuvres, glad I was able to pass my test second time.

I would like to thank Matt for being a really great teacher; I was a little nervous in the beginning with driving but got more confident with Matt's help. I finally felt confident enough to sit my test and I passed first time with zero faults. It feels really amazing to be driving now on my own and I would strongly recommend Matt Willis to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Thanks for everything and hope you can get more first time passes.

PASSED FIRST TIME with 4 minors
I would like to say thank you Matt for your help and support you help give me the confidence I needed when it came to dealing with roundabouts so now I won't need to avoid them. I've passed your details to a friend who needs a good instructor so be expecting a call very soon, all the very best Lucy

PASSED Second Time with only 2 minors
Would just like to say that I think Matt is an awesome instructor, he made each lesson FUN while we worked on teaching me to drive. I would recommend to anyone that you got to go with Matt :)

I am a very nervous person but after an intensive course with Matt I passed first time. The course is hard work but so helpful and well worth doing. Matt helps keep you relaxed and is a very good teacher; he is also great to talk to if you take an interest in films. Thanks Matt for all your help, would recommend to anyone!

PASSED FIRST TIME with only 2 minors
I'm James I passed first time with only 2 minors.
I only had a handful of lessons with Matt, he's a brilliant instructor and also a great laugh. Cheers Matt :)

Cant believe a week has gone by already. Big thanks to you for all you patience and support. We had some laughs as well serious moments. I will recommend you to everyone. Zoe looking forward to driving now, seems as i passed 1st time, the challenge is on. Thanks again so much Matt. Sharron.

Cheers Matt, thank you for all your help, I'll hope you pass on the same experience to other pupils as you did with me, because you made learning to drive a great deal of fun. All the best for the future Alex.

Nice One Matt, thanks for your help especially with my manoeuvres, I'll be in touch about Pass Plus and motorway driving shortly, I'm just now looking for a car.

Yeah I passed first time, I really didn't think I would on my first attempt but I did and with only 4 minors. Matt you were really patient with me, you built up my confidence and gave me encouragement when I needed it. Those prompt cards of yours were really helpful and the LDC work book and dvd really did help. Thanks again and still can't believe only 4 minors.

A very big thank you Matt for teaching me to drive, I'll be in touch about doing a motorway lesson very soon, just looking at cars now and thanks for the advice. I've already passed your details onto some friends so expect some calls. Anyone else who wants a Driving Instructor who's patient and can make you laugh but still gets the point across, I'd recommend calling Matt.

I PASSED second time
Thank you so much Matt, you taught me so much more then my other instructors and gave me the confidence I lacked. I'll miss your company and your jokes, you really did make learning to drive a fun experience, while also being serious as well. Oh and I'll keep practicing my bay parking.

PASSED FIRST TIME with only two minors
Thank you very much Matt. I was let down by my pervious instructor and needed help with my test in two weeks time. I wasn't feeling to confident about my manoeuvres or roundabouts but having seen the reviews others have said about Matt I decided to see if he could help. Thankfully Matt was like others have said, I felt at ease from the start and we got on well together. Matt has a good sense of humour, which at times was needed when I felt a little frustrated with some of my manoeuvres. Matt's prompt cards help speed up my memory I soon felt at ease and ready for my test. I would definitely recommend Matt to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Daisy

PASSED FIRST TIME with only two minors
I had a few unsuccessful lessons with another school and was looking for someone else, my friend Nadine who had already passed with Matt recommended me. Nadine said if I wanted a good instructor who was a laugh while being serious at the same time, then I should give Matt a call. Matt is an extraordinary driving instructor with a wicked sense of humour, Matt introduce me to the LD learning system which I found really useful, along with this Matt's personal prompt cards that really helped me with remembering my routines and manoeuvres. Thanks again Matt I'll miss the jokes all the best for other future first time passes. Beth

PASSED FIRST TIME with only two minors
Thank you Matt, learning to drive with you was an fun and enjoyable experience. I was nervous behind the wheel to start with but with your help I soon over came my fears.

The LD system worked well for me as I could learn the theory side of our lessons at home or at college and then practice in the car. Thanks again for getting me on the road and helping me pass my first and only driving test. I will recommend Matt Willis to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Hi my names Nadine and I had weekly driving lessons and Passed with Matt Willis. I first got introduced to Matt via a friend who was having driving lessons with Matt and told me he was very good. I've since recommended Matt to my friends who want to learn to drive. I've got a lot of good memories about learning to drive with Matt and feel confident to drive because of how Matt taught me. Thank You

I'm Nathan, I PASSED FIRST TIME with only 2 minors. I decided on weekly lessons 4 hours a week. When I was looking for an instructor and saw what others have said about Matt Willis I thought I'd give him a try, glad I did, just as others have said Matt's approach is safe professional and fun while learning, but still serious when the situation required it. Thank You Very Much Matt for helping me get on the road.

I'm Chris and I did a midway course with Matt Willis and Passed with only 4 minors. Matt taught from start to finish teaching me control first and then building up my skills. After his training I soon went from strength to strength and progressed to more challenging situations. Matt's approach is safe, professional and fun, asking me questions to gauge my understanding and where necessary filling in the gaps. I don't think I could find another instructor as patient as Matt, so if your looking at courses I would recommend Matt Willis, if your serious about learning to drive then look no further. Cheers Matt

Hi I'm James and I did a semi intensive course with Matt Willis and passed with only 1 minor. I got on well with Matt and with his tuition I soon got to grips with driving and improving every step of the way. With help from Matt and structured lessons I was soon able to get control over the car and feel confident with my abilities. I soon went from being told what to do and how to do it, to being prompted and coached into full control and at a pace that I was comfortable with while keeping safety a priority. After I passed I decided to do a Pass Plus course with Matt to get extra experience on the road, especially the motorways. I was a bit nervous at going on the motorway but as I learnt to drive with Matt I felt safe with his instruction. If you're looking for an instructor then Matt Willis should be your first point of call. Thanks Matt

Hi my name is Stephanie and I did a Test Booster course with Matt Willis and passed first time. I had lessons with a previous instructor but didn't realise what I had been missing out on until I had an assessment with Matt. I soon realised that my previous lessons had no structure but after meeting Matt and having an assessment I realise what and where I had been going wrong. Matt gave me structure to my lessons and gave me obtainable goal's to boost my confidence, Matt corrected me on my driving by explaining where I was going wrong and gave me simple routines to use while driving and with some prompting and coaching I soon felt a lot more positive about my test and feeling that I could pass, and that's exactly what I did with only 4 minors. A really big thank you Matt, wish I had started out with you in the beginning. I definitely recommend Matt for anyone wishing to learn to drive, all the best Stephanie.

Hello I'm Jackie, and I PASSED FIRST TIME with Matt Willis. I decided to do weekly lessons, as I didn't feel an intensive course was for me. I found Matt to be really relaxed and he would work with me to solve any problems I was having, I soon felt more confident with my driving and progressed on to more challenging roads. With Matt beside me I felt more at ease, as he would talk me through the odd tricky situation even before it had happened, must be some kind of sixth sense. I've already recommended Matt to my friends and work colleagues who want driving lessons and for anyone else I strongly suggest you go with Matt Willis. Thanks Matt for getting me on the road and a first time pass as well.

Caolan BarrettCaolan Barrett
Hi I'm Caolan Barrett, after my sister did a semi intensive course with Matt Willis I decided it was time to bite the bullet and do the same. I've not driven a car before only my ped, so it was a strange thing to find myself behind the wheel of a car, but I got the hang of it with lots of support and guidance from Matt. Along the way as my confidence increased I soon went from feeling I wouldn't get the hang of a manual or being able to drive to thinking how did I cope before hand without a car. The only down side is I got the same number of driving faults as my sister so I can't be too smug. But I owe my Pass to Matt Willis and I'll recommend Matt to anyone wanting to learn to drive as your first choice for a driving instructor. Cheers Matt for getting me on the road, catch you on FB.

I did weekly lessons and PASSED with Matt Willis. I found Matt to be relaxed and patient, when I had difficulties he was always there for guidance and support. He would make the lessons interesting and I always learnt something from each lesson, if your looking for a patient instructor with lots of encouragement learn with Matt Willis.

Thanks Matt for teaching me to Drive.

Hello I'm Zoe, I did a semi intensive course with Matt Willis and PASSED FIRST TIME. I was really nervous to start with but with Matt's reassurance, support and his encouragement in me, gave me the confidence in myself to handle any situation on my own. I would recommend Matt Willis to anyone wishing to learn to drive, especially if you are nervous cause Matt will put you at ease in next to no time. Once again thanks Matt for all your support.

Chloe KiteChloe Kite
Hi I'm Chloe and I PASSED FIRST TIME with Matt Willis.

I took a Test Booster course with Matt as I had a few problems and wasn't feeling confident about passing my test, but with Matt's help and advise I was ready and feeling more secure and positive about sitting my test.

I found Matt to be really patient and understanding, he explained things in a clear and straight forward way and he would make me feel at ease when the odd mistake happened.

I would definitely recommend Matt to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Thanks again Matt you're the best.

Jordana BarrettJordana Barrett
Hi I'm Jordana and I PASSED FIRST TIME, with the help and patient tuition of my instructor Matt Wills. I started a semi intensive course on 24th Oct 09 which I fitted around my other commitments and I sat and PASSED First Time on the 15th Dec 09. Matt helped me along the way to my first time pass, and explained the lessons in a relaxed and instructive way, which was also fun. I didn't feel pressured into situations, which Matt didn't feel I could deal with, and he was always there for reassurance and guidance. I was able to Call or Text Matt for help even after the lesson had finished, and it's good to know you can have that support and your not just a fixed time slot. If your looking at lessons I would recommend Matt Willis

Clark ShortClark Short
Hi I'm Clark, I took a 30hr course and passed with Matt Willis. I found Matt to be patient and relaxed, if I had any problems I knew I could ask Matt for help, even if it was something I thought of after the lesson which helped me cause you often think on things at another time and it's nice to feel you can text or call when you lesson has finish and still get help. Matt made the learning fun and at times I forgot I was learning, he helped me get on the road and passed with only 3 minors. Once again Thanks Matt

Zoe CooperZoe Cooper
I PASSED FIRST TIME with my instructor Matt Willis, he is professional, patient, friendly and helpful.

I started a midway pass course on the 12th September and passed on the 18th September.